Wednesday, February 27, 2013


hi there
this week I have to start my work by posting at PSYCHIATRIC WARD..
ney..this is not my first time here
but the second time..

but actually, i did not enjoy my posting here when I posting last 2 month
for me this ward did not suite enough for me because I like to do work rather than keep talking and do xtvt with my patient..

but when I start my posting here this week
I feel that my thought actually did not right

this is because i feel  very enjoy with them when I try to understand them

the story started when I enter to this ward and saw one young and pretty girl or more suitable we call her as teenager.
I feel so sad when I saw her like that..

because of her aura is a positive aura mayb,
I start to dig her case,try to get along with her...

and our relationship become soo close until she accept me as her friend..sometimes mayb
"hampa kawan kami..kita kawan kan?kami sayang hampa..kami sayang hampa.."
"hampa doctor kan?hampa doctor baek.."

i keep my eyes on her..

and I start my conservation with her
asked about herself,friend..
while telling me...she's cry..
and I keep tell her that "kami ada..kami kan kawan hampa"...
and she will start to smile again..

and I like to see her smile
and hear her laugh..

for me..this is the most precious experience that I have
we should always say thank you Allah because give us a  precious  life
we dont know what will happen to us next
as for her also,although she is young,
she need to face her fade..
Allah knows better...
dan sebaekbaek perancang adalah Dia...

xtvt with my order to express their feeling

cantek kan.....

hargailah hidup kita dan isilah dengan perkara2 yg berfaedah...=]
a little experience that I want to share with you all..

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